How to Find Piano Chords for Your Favorite Songs


music-sheet-7-372139-mLearning piano is not without its challenges, but our course and site are dedicated to trying to make those challenges easier for you. The chances are that at some point you will be familiar with the chords and techniques taught to you in our piano course, but you aren’t sure how to find piano chords for specific songs. Everyone has different tastes, and everyone wants to learn different songs. Where can you turn to in order to find piano chords for songs?


Well, there are a number of ways using which you can search out the piano chords for your favorite songs or the songs that you want to play on piano. I am going to list a few of them that works for me almost every time I want piano chords. Of course, the more obscure the song, the more of a challenge you present, but these methods will usually get the job done:

  • Ultimate guitar tabs
  • YouTube
  • SongBooks
  • Google


It’s hard to find such a huge song library that Ultimate Guitar Tabs usually offers. The app and website are full of songs and are easy to find. The app does requires some of your money to get but the services it provides is worth the payment, alternatively you can use the website version, and it does have a mobile version to use on phone or tablet. The app is constantly updating with every new song as users submit chords. The songs within the app and site are reviewed by the musicians using them for accuracy so you’ll now which chords are the best.

The drawback is that these are designed for guitar, but as you’ll know from our course, a lot of the accompanying chords can be played on either guitar or piano, and there are many examples of piano chords being shared on Ultimate Guitar too.


YouTube is your best companion of every situation and works for me almost all of the time. Whenever I need piano chords for a song YouTube is there to help me out. If you couldn’t get the chords from somewhere else, check any other person playing the song. It might help to search YouTube by typing the name of song before Piano Tutorial. Excellent for learning chords and also for the fills and intricate sections of songs that many Youtube tutorials will walk you through.


The old school method: Song Books are available for a huge amount of music and you can buy either from your local music store or online, some though will require advanced piano skills or reading music. The Song Books to choose are those that have the songs with their piano chords and piano notations as well. Our painless piano system doesn’t teach you to read music (just like many world renowned musicians can’t) but as long as you find song books that have the chords listed, you’ll be fine.

Song books are usually sold as albums, but can also be found as collections of songs such as ’70s hits’ for example. Some songbooks boast hundreds of different songs for you to practice and even in the age of the internet, this is still a really effective way of finding and learning chords.


Google always proves to be helpful when every other solution fails. You can always type the name of the song alongside the artist and typing “chords” after it. Google will display a number of search results, some of which are better than others. You may well find the piano chords for the songs you are looking for, especially if it is a more mainstream song.

I hope these methods will help you out in finding chords for songs that you are looking for. Remember, a brand new song might take a little while to work its way onto the internet, and something in the charts may not have chords (or accurate chords) on the internet for a while.

Once you’ve found them you need to know how to play them – Our course will teach you how to play 48 in an hour – years of fun playing the songs you want to