Benefits of Playing Piano or Keyboard


piano-playingLearning and playing piano has, for hundreds of years, been widely partaken in as a hobby and a source of fun and amusement. Many have not considered about the benefits and advantages it may provide to the person learning or playing piano, but there are many, and some which might not be obvious initially.

Learning and playing piano can be very beneficial for mental physical health. According to scientific research, the process of playing and learning piano can have great effects on mind and even body. In this article we have compiled a list some of the benefits of learning and playing piano that may motivate you to learn the instrument.


Below are some of the many benefits and advantages that you may well experience while learning or playing piano:

Learning and playing piano can boost self-esteem of the person. It is an achievement, an obstacle to overcome and an excellent skill to have. Who wouldn’t want the ability to play the piano? Nobody, but we don’t all have the perseverance to see it through.

Cognitive development can be highly increased by playing piano. The music produced by piano stimulates the brain. So it is highly beneficial for cognitive skills or ‘sharpness’ of the brain according to research. Playing music can stimulate areas of the brain which other activities simply cannot, making it a unique workout for your brain.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that music has great impact on releasing mental stress. Some relate to listening to music, others to playing. There is little doubt when you talk to pianists that playing can help your mind getting relaxed and released of all sort of tensions. At the risk of sounding a little corny, it’s “good for the soul”

The coordination between eyes and hands is increased by playing piano, whether you learn to read music or not. Even reading chords as you play is difficult, and getting used to the movements with either hand is good for your cognitive ability to link hand and brain.

Playing piano can also prove to be helpful for many psychological issues. Piano can reduce mental disturbance, provide a constructive activity and not only a distraction from, but a route out of, the troubles so many of us experience.

Music can be a social thing! Not just in terms of showing others, but playing with others, once you have become proficient you can always join a band, play with a singer or teach others, meaning that there are benefits in terms of making friends and connections. Music has always brought people together.

Learning and playing has numerous other benefits besides these, and is a different journey for everybody that decides to get started, but if you haven’t yet made up your mind that you should learn piano, the benefits mentioned are hopefully enough to show you what an amazing experience it can be.

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